070614 Thursday “Helen”


3 rounds for time:

400 meter run

1.5 pood (54lbs) Kettlebell swing x 21

Pull-ups 12 reps

Post time to comments.


Timed “baby” L-sits. How long can you go?



Exercise Reverses Aging In Human Skeletal Muscle

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • J Jones

    It sure looks like Dan is having fun doing those Kb swings.

  • Craig

    Great pic of Dan. Love the LSit pic!

    Ok, who’s the Cabana Boy?

  • Brian

    I’m a teacher on my first day of summer. So sue me!

    Here’s the times….
    Johnny 26# for 10.20
    Tony 10.56 – not modified, awesome time!
    Luca #50 for 10.00
    Rick 44# for 10.04
    Sarah 25# for 12.56
    Mike 25# for 17.18
    Sean #35 for 12.12
    Josh #44 for 10.00
    Don #35 for 9.18


  • Craig

    So, we can put Tony on the board.

    Luca? Did he use a 50lb dumbell?

    Nice to have Tony back.

  • Craig

    Great functional strength story via Stumptious via CFO:


  • Brian

    Right, Luca was a 50 pounder and jumping pullups. He always pushes.