070618 Monday


JJ using DBells for Deadlifts, Stavros getting air on Cleans, Darren Front Squats, Sarah Push-Jerkin’.

From the CrossFit Sunday wod:

21-18-15-12- and 9 rep rounds of:

95 pound Deadlift

95 pound Hang power clean

95 pound Front squat

95 pound Push jerk

Post time to comments.

This wod was a brutal little test of strength endurance!!

Sarah getting air with awesome 2nd pull in her Power Clean:


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  • Craig

    CONFESSION!: After catching my breath and walking through today’s wod in my head, I realized that I skipped a round: 15!

    I apologize to the crew and vow to make it up soon. (that one round.. not the whole thing, ’cause that was frikken brutal!).

  • J Jones


    That’s frickn funny.

  • Darren

    That is great, I was wondering how you made up so much time after using those Dumbells. That is a great workout, Definitely a keeper.

  • Stavros

    That workout OWNED ME. Not a good showing for me, but a great workout.

  • Mike is Invincible

    Nice one. I ran my best friend through a WOD today. 21-15-9 pullups
    15-12-9 30lb man makers.
    Like fran, but different, so not really fran.

    Whatever, you get what I mean.

  • Craig

    Yes, Mike we understand – you don’t have to tell us twice! But nice intro to CF for your friend – you trying to scare him away??

  • Craig

    Results, finally!! Sorry for delay:

    Sarah: 21:10 (55# – awesome performance!)
    Darren: 21:58 (as rx’d!)
    JJ: 27:14 (90lb dbs for 21,18,15!)
    Stav: 27:49 (as rx’d!)
    Josh N: 19:04 (55#, great time!! now add lbs!)
    Aaron: 33:47 (NICE, as rx’d!)
    Justin: 28:30 (75#, good grind, man!)
    Rick: 20:10! (as rx’d!!)
    Craig: DNF (missed round #15, dammit)
    Jorgy: Pukie (you ok, man?)
    Rob: 20:31 (stout performance, later that day!)

    Rick, takes the win!

  • J Jones

    I say we pit Rob and Rick against each other at a later date (Rob didn’t have the advantage of people doing it around him making him go faster).

  • Craig

    OHSquat results posted finally! Sorry guys.

  • Craig

    Saturday OHSquat results posted finally! Sorry guys.

  • ultrasarah

    I’m pretty sure Josh and I did the same weight. I thought I did 55lbs.

  • Craig

    Sorry, Sarah – I’ll correct.


    Yhanks you