070625 MONDAY


Craig attended the Cross Fit Olympic Lifting Certification in Vista this weekend!

Today’s wod comes from CrossFit Iowa, in memory of Sean Wissink, Des Moines Police Dept., recently killed in the line of duty:

For Time:

The Sean 400 meter (which means 800 meters)

50 wall ball shots

50 push ups

50 kettlebell swings

50 box jumps

50 double unders (or 250 singles)

“Sean was an avid CrossFitter and as team leader of the Des Moines PD Metro S.T.A.R. Tactical Unit, Sean had used CrossFit as a PT standard with his team. One of the jokes that goes about Sean was that he had measured out 400 meters in one direction to do a 400 meter run but made his guys run there and back making it 800 meters. They call it the “Sean 400″. He was notorious for his boistrous laugh. Sean was a very tall lean fit guy. He had just helped us arrest numerous suspects the night before he was killed.”

-Tim and Angie Starmer, CrossFit IOWA


Coach Mike Burgener, the Olympic Lifting Coach for the CrossFit Oly Certification gave two volunteers a little chipper to test their mettle:

One minute of Jumping Squats with 45lb bar (feet must leave the floor!). Best: 55.

One minute of Seated Shoulder Press with a 45lb bar (legs extended on floor). Best 51.

Watch the torture session here: Seated Shoulder Press

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  • Craig

    Jon: 11:04
    Rick: 12:05
    Jorgy: 15:00
    Darren: 15:30
    Craig: 17:30
    Sarah: 21:20

    Sub 250 JRope for double unders, or, 175 weighted jump ropes.

  • Darren

    Nothing like starting the day off with a 1/2 mile run and the rest of the carnage. Thanks Sean.

  • Stavros

    Sorry everyone,
    I’m trying to heal up a bruised kneecap before my fire academy starts on Monday. If I can, I’ll make it the rest of the week.