070626 Tuesday

Mike and Darren TGUs.jpg

Mike and Darren Practicing “Turkish Get Ups”


21 / 15 / 9 reps for time.

Dead Lifts (pick your weight)

Ring push ups, feet on box

Post time to comments.



Obesity surgery for adolescents safe: study

Don’t worry everybody, we will just start giving obesity surgery to all the overweight teens. That will solve the nation’s obesity problem. While we are at it, we should just give all the girls breast augmentation and pec and calf implants to all the boys. “Perfection” here we come. Instead, it might be easier, cheaper and more healthy to just start having CrossFit in all public schools? -jj

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  • George

    Sorry Rob (lol), I’ll go heavier next time!

  • Mike E.

    My arms, shoulders and chest are so sore I think I would cry if I even tried to do a push-up right now. I think ring push-ups have to be at least three times harder than normal ones. I just received the set of rings I ordered from Tyler Hass today. I’m looking at them with profound respect. Thanks Rob!