Craig Teaches Thrusters.jpg

Craig teaching Thrusters to Barry and Connor.


3 rounds for time,

50 Thrusters (45lbs)

35 pull ups

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  • Craig

    Love the article!

    Nice work this morning, group – brutal wod!

    Janice (scaled 50% reps): 9:15
    Sarah (25# bar + jps): 15:47
    Rick: 15:27
    Josh: 15:27
    Conner!: 23:00 (dead hang pull ups!)
    Barry: DNF (getting there, man – nice effort)
    Craig: 14:29 (I beat Josh & Rick! finally)
    JJ: 20:33 (awesome Ring Pull-ups)
    Jon: 12:47 – stout, man.

    Jon kicked some ass today.

  • Ward

    Ugh, this wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it still wasn’t pleasant.


  • J Jones

    I just have to say, that shirt kicks ass.

  • Craig

    Right on Ward! Nice to hear from you. Solid effort.

  • Craig

    Hey!! My hero Conan! -where do I get that??

    “The 3 most important things in life:
    – Crush your enemy
    – See him driven before you
    – And, hear the lamentation of the women”

  • Darren

    16:00 tuff one. I do so much better when I am trying to keep up with you guys.