070702 MONDAY

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Connor gets a 500 meter row time of 1:39 his first time on a rower! Strong work (and good help from Dan on rowing tips).


Strict Press


Work up to your single rep maximum.


Have you checked out CrossFit Live?

A wonderful resource to the CrossFit community, CrossFit Live is back with new interviews. You can download the archived mp3s and listen to them over and over again. The best part . . . ITS ALL FREE.

Thanks Dave Young for making such an awesome contribution to the CF community.

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  • Craig

    Nice 500 time Conner.

    Jon & Sarah: go to the CFAffiliates page for an example of the “Painstorm” wod we talked about.


    “Use weighted implement/s of your choice to get a total of 10,000lb from the ground to overhead and carry your implement a total of 800m for time. Partition and rest as needed.” Brutal.