070704 Wednesday – Try This At Home….

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It looks like most of the Wednesday A-Team took the Independence Day off. It was just Josh and me at the Shed this morning. No guilt here, I’ll get even with everyone Thursday night. One nice thing about an empty gym is that you can try all the stuff you’ve been wanting to. Why not three workouts?

So here’s what we did this morning if you want to show off at the picnic site.

15 sprints with a bungee

15 ring push ups with feet elevated

3 rounds for time

rest, then…

15 cleans with 80#

15 medicine ball toss sit ups

3 rounds for time

rest, then…

15 kettle bell swings 44#

15 calories on Airdyne

3 rounds for time

It was great to work with Josh. He really put out and earned his holiday celebrating.

Hope to see everybody back at it Thursday. Go USA!

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  • Craig

    OK, now we definitely know who’s the baddest, BadAss in the morning crew. You’re it, Josh!!

    Thanks for covering, Brian.

    Very cool wod. Very creative, tough and fun.


  • Craig

    On vaca in Truckee. Had a little time for a wod:

    120 Pullups
    120 Dips

    (in lieu of 30 Muscle Ups)

    Time: 26:30

  • Craig

    Vacation wod #2:

    50-40-30-20-10 reps of

    Double Unders
    Sit Ups

    I suck at double unders!! Too damn long. Plus, I’m at 6500′ elevation and can’t catch my breath.


  • Craig

    Mike put this little Memorial wod together. Nice job boys:

    “In honor of the men and women lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, Josh and I
    did a 21 rep salute of sorts.

    7 7 7 reps of

    95 # thrusters
    Man makers w/ 45# db’s.
    For Time

    It took us a little under 7 minutes to complete. Nice use for a warm up

    Short and bitter sweet, much like our lives tend to be.
    The ultimate goal was not punishment, but rememberance and honor.”

  • Craig

    By the way, Mike and Josh for next year:

    Typically, they fire 21 guns, 3 times. So, you could do 3 rounds and that’d be a brutal little wod.