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Arnie, Franco Columbo & ?? at the squat rack. Who’s under the weight?

Sorry for the late update, I was computerless on Friday. We had a great class on Thursday night and the early comers got to pick the exercises. Squats and sit-ups were requested.

First everybody had to work on their back squat, working up to a ‘3 rep-max.’ In short, that’s as much weight you can move in a particular exercise three times without stopping. If you are looking to add some additional strength training to your CrossFit, two to five sets of the exercises you want to work on, done before your WOD is a good way to go.

We had three stations set up for back squats with weights of 135#, 95#, and 35#. Plus assorted heights for jumping and lots of Abmats for situps. Here was the WOD:

Back squat


Box jump

21-15-9 for time.

Sound simple? It was. Really.

Times under comments.

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  • Brian

    Luca 8.32 Big weight and big box!
    Freddy 15.09 doing the Newbie WOD. Great first day.
    Matt 9.20
    Dan 7.28
    Tony 8.33 Same as Luca.
    Deanna 6.52
    Carrie 6.30
    Brian 6.32
    Mike 9.46 Mike’s form was outstanding. Huge progress!
    Anne 7.23

    I’m really proud of the class. Everybody is pushing, learning and making progress. It’s a privilege to workout with people like this.

  • Craig

    Great wod, Brian. And, cool picture – Pumping Iron was very influential in my life, I confess.



  • Craig


    Snatch 135lbs x 30 reps


    Fell on my ass 2-3 times in the first 10!! SLOPPY FORM – 2nd pull too far from body. Bar must travel along a straight line as close to the body as possible, even brushing the abdomen and chest.

    If the weight falls forward (NEVER!!), then the bar is too far in front and snatch fails due to form, not strength.

    Once I figured out my problem, the reps got easier.

    Deadlift past the knees, then jump(!) & pull myself under the weight.

    This will go much faster in a couple weeks.

  • Jon

    looks like dave drapper in the photo?