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Lucky Luca at the CrossFit Certification in Santa Cruz last weekend. See his comments below.

The DCF Mile:

Overhead Squats (45lb) x 50

Run 400m

Slam Balls (20lb) x 50

Run 400m

Pull Ups x 50

Run 400m

Knees to Elbows x 50

Run 400m


Luca’s comments from the certificaion:

GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! Thant’s all I can say about my certification, great people, great atmosphere, unbelievable amount of knowledge, if I was hooked before I’m now even more hooked on this stuff. Two pictures that summarized my week-end, the Nasty Girls, and my score on a tweaked Helen: 600m run plus the swings and pull-ups. I hope Diablo Crossfit was well represented.

Luca was in the top 10 for the modified Helen. Way to go man!!

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  • Craig

    DCF Mile Results:

    Jon: 17:20!!
    Jorgy: 18:18
    Rick: 18:20
    Dan: 20:22 (impressive improvements!)
    Craig: 22:20
    JJ: 23:21

    Good one this morning!

  • J Jones

    Way to go Luca. Hurry back from Mexico Amigo!

    I was smoked this AM. After a year of morning workouts, I am starting to feel like mornings are not the best time for me.

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    Great boys