070712 THURSDAY Muscle Up Party!

Admit it, you’ve been slacking with your body weight routines lately haven’t you? Thursday at the Shed we did three ‘simple’ movements that work the entire body.

1. Tabata Squats. If you’ve been CrossFitting for any great length of time, you know these very well. You perform a squat without equipment or weight (we call it an Air Squat). As many repetitions as you can in 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. Do this for 8 rounds. Sort of a ice-breaker to get folks in a party mood.

2. 30 Muscle-Ups to completion. Normally this workout is given for time but this is the first time most of the Thursday gang was doing it and I wanted folks to treat it like a strength day. We had lots of ways to modify this. If you give 30 legit muscle-ups a value of 300 points (10 pts each), then any variation has a different value. Muscle-ups on a straight bar are harder than on rings so they were worth 12 pts. each.

Ring Dips and False-Grip Chins were 3 pts. each so you would need to do 50 each to get your 300 total. Jumping pull-ups and jumping ring dips were worth 2 pts. each. Push ups and ring rows (pulling your body to a bar with your feet on the ground) was 1 pt. each so you would have to do 150 of each to finish.

3. 50 Glute-Ham Developer Sit-ups. This was easy compared to the muscle-ups.

Tonight’s focus was on getting closer to a Muscle-up on the rings and Tony was our firebreather. He did his first muscle-ups and and even did a couple of triples. Outstanding work by everyone and a really fun class.

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  • Craig

    Tony did 30 muscle ups!!! And Brian did 23??

    I AM HUMBLED!! You guys are the Kings of DCF!

    Great wod Brian and awesome wod.

    Legendary night!