070713 FRIDAY

Sarah, Jorgy, and Anne show us todays workout.


5 Rounds for time:

50m farmers walk (weight should total about your bodyweight for men, and 50-75% for women)

10 burpees (full push up and jump)

Post weight used an time to comments.



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Post thoughts to comments.

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  • J Jones

    Jorgy, Rick and I all used 190lbs for the farmer walks (95lbs each bar).

  • Josh Neil

    I’m sorry I missed today!

  • Craig

    Cool wod, JJ!! Funny – as I was carrying my suitcases throught the airport yesterday, my grip was killing me and I thought, “I gotta work on this.”

    I can only imagine how your grip felt! Nice work guys.

    And, I gotta say it: Anne is really looking HOT. Nice pic.