Rick sticks a 32″ box jump.

1900h WOD: “Coughing Up Lung”

For Time:

250m Row

25 Push Ups

25 Box Jumps (20″)

25 Jumping Pull Ups

25 Deadlifts (135#)

25 Wall Ball Shots

25 Calories on Aerodyne

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  • Deanna List

    Last night’s workout – perfectly termed “Coughing up a Lung” by Brian, was awesome! I think it was my favorite, definetly the most challenging.

    Brian is a great coach/teacher and is able to relate to every fitness level. I am actually craving work outs more often! Finally!

  • Craig

    Brian 8:30
    Sean 10:09
    George 13:48
    Mike 14:43
    Tony 8:00
    Carrie 20:50
    Freddy 16:50
    Deanna 13:35
    Matt 10:15

  • Brian

    Wow, thanks Deanna. It’s strange how this kind of pain gets addictive.

    Thanks to Craig for posting the workout.

  • Tony

    ouch lungs buuuuurning!!