070801 Wednesday

Josh N doing a straight legged dead lift (maybe with a little too much knee bend at the start, but not bad).

I tend to follow Coach Rippetoe’s opinion on the SLDL and the differences between a SLDL and a “Romanian Deadlift” (from the CrossFit comment archive on August 26, 2006)

“If anybody’s interested in my take on the difference between a Romanian deadlift and a stiff-legged deadlift:

The RDL starts at the hang, usually out of the rack if one’s available, or off of blocks.

The SLDL starts on the floor, like a deadlift.

The RDL focuses on the lower back, and as such it only goes down as deep as hamstring flexibility will allow the low back to stay in solid extension. Most people stop above mid-shin.

The SLDL focuses on the glutes/hams, essentially a deadlift without the quads. Rock solid low back extension off the floor is not possible for most people of normal flexibility.

The RDL requires that the bar be pushed back into the thighs and legs as the shoulder stays in front of the bar. In the RDL, the butt goes back, the bar goes back, the knees go back, and the shoulders go forward.

The SLDL pulls off the floor and comes up the shins close, but not right on them, because that would require the knees to be bent. It is locked out at the top like a normal deadlift.

The RDL starts and stops with the knees unlocked, because the quads don’t move – it’s all hamstring and low back.

The SLDL locks everything out at the top.”Coach Rippetoe


Quick warm up workout with max reps in 6 minutes of dumbbell/kettlebell burpees (one dumbbell, alternate sides, bring DB full extension overhead instead of jumping).


5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Straight Legged Deadlifts.

post results to comments.



Breaking up workouts may burn fat faster

(The article comments that they exercised at 60 percent of their max level of exertion, could it be that after a rest, they could do more work at 60 percent (i.e. exert more power)? At least more research is moving toward disproving LSD type of exercise for fat burning. -jj)

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Breaking up an exercise session, by adding a rest period in between, may boost a workout’s fat-burning efficiency, a team of Japanese and Danish researchers reports. . . (Click continue Reading for the rest of the article)



Bally’s Total Fitness Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

I wonder if their “membership declines and too much debt” has anything to do with the number of CF affiliates coming online in the last few years as well as the rising cost of those pretty chrome machines.

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  • J Jones

    I didn’t count my burpees, still to jet lagged from Japan.

    We worked up to 245lbs on the last set.

  • Craig

    LINDA as RX’D! YES!

    1st time as Rx’d! 49:25


    DL 315
    Cleans 155 (squat cleans)
    BP 210

    Met pukie 2mins post wod. Now just gotta work on my time. This stuff works!

  • Darren

    Nice Craig I did Linda three days ago and am still sore. Haven’t got up to rx yet but getting closer. I am just so heavy 225lbs, makes everything so hard. But good ups. Keep it up, Hope to see you guys soon.

  • Brian Nesmith

    Inspirational stuff! Man, I miss the Shed. I’m going to kill myself Thursday night. Darren, getting in a calisthenic wod a day or two after Linda helps me recover quicker.

    Maybe we can bid on a pec deck when Total Fatness starts to sell off?

    You look good on tv Craig.


  • J Jones

    I bet the mirrors at Bally’s ‘Total Waste of Time’ will go cheap.

    I seriously wonder if they have any equipment we might be interested in at all except maybe the dumbbell racks and maybe some oly dia plates (weight is weight right?)

  • Craig

    Chap 11 means they’ll likely reorganize. They’re just trying to get protection from their creditors.

    They’ll sell off non-profitable sites to other gyms, cut expenses and reorg the company for more profitablity.

    The biz is tough when monthly membership rates are averaging below $30 month.

  • Craig

    Thanks for the props D! Two solutions: lose weight or get stronger.

    I lost 5 pounds and my strengh increased.

    But, Linda was frikkin’ brutal. Last time I did it (scaled down) I got into a groove at 5’s. The rest was easy.

    This time I didn’t get into a “groove” until 3’s… painful the whole way.

    Another thing I noticed an improvement on that helped: Deadlift & Clean technique:

    If I deadlifted correctly, i.e., driving from my legs and hips (legs first!) then there was very little strain on my lower back. The reps came more easily. Then, when I moved to the cleans, I started with a more vertical back position (this also lessened low back stress) and really concentrated on the 2nd pull (jump, shrug full extenstion) and the reps came easier. Thus, the deadlifts and cleans really felt like I was working different muscle groups – reducing overall fatigue.