070803 Friday “Dig Your Grave”

+++ Sat Metacon Class @ 0630h / Strength & Power Class @ 0715h+++

Virtual Shoveling. Bar is loaded on one side only. 1 rep is going from one side, over the obstacle, then back to the starting side. Stepping with the lead foot is encouraged (as shown in the middle frame).


4 rounds for time,

12 virtual shovels, 85lbs total (for example Oly bar + 35lb plate in picture above)

15 pull ups

18 box jumps



US ‘experts’ issue new physical exercise guidelines

The good news. . . they updated the recommendations. The bad news. . . the new recommendations are about 10 years old. At least we are making SOME headway. -jj

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  • J Jones

    Yes that is Chuck Norris on my shirt. And yes, it does say:

    “When the Boogie Man goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for CHUCK NORRIS”

    Workout Time: 12:02

  • ultra sarah

    Well, Chuck Norris rules! Awesome shirt! Even better workout! Shoveling whipped my tushie but the box jumps did me in! Arg! I love it! THanks J & C! You two sure know how to make a girl cry!

  • Craig

    Very cool wod today, JJ. Surprised at how those shovelers caught up to me.

    6:30AM metacon & 7:15 O l y Session for SAT!