070813 MONDAY

Darren tows Aaron in the tire.


For time,

100 ‘L’ pull ups

5 tire/sled drags (50 m, 25 – 50% bw)

150 Kettlebell swings (1.5 pood)

Divide the work anyway you want to get the shortest time (for example: 20 Lpulls, 1 sled drag, 30 swings).

Post time to comments.



Sleep patterns linked with teen behavior

Cortisol is the enemy. Sleep is the key to decreasing cortisol. I do find it interesting how society stresses the importance of diet and sleep for teens, but does not place the same importance for the parents. -jj

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  • Darren

    WOW great workout, Brutal

  • Brian Nesmith

    Brilliant exercise pictured. I was thinking just today that I should get back into the tire.

    L-Pullups seem to be the hip thing in the CrossFit world right now. Got to do that too.

    Lovin the articles…

  • Craig

    Only JJ could dream up that wod. I picked a good day to be gone!

    Visiting CF Oahu tomorrow.

    Great post, JJ.

  • J Jones


    Darren – 30:18
    JJ – 31:04
    Aaron – 32:30
    Josh – 35:10

    Pretty much all of our pull ups were barely “L”s by the end.