070814 TUESDAY


5 rounds for time

400 M run

21 KB swings

12 Pull Ups

And here’s to Rachelle, our newbie! Smoked out a great newbie workout in 7 minutes and change then ran 5 x 400m laps…crazy.

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  • Rob Barnum

    Great work, everyone!

    I forget my time…but I believe it was 17:26.

  • Craig

    Times from the board:

    Jon 14:30 (sub 400m row – and still awesome fast)
    Sarah 18:30
    Nate 20:07
    Anne 22:08
    George 20:14
    Dan 16:53 (stout, man!)
    Rob 17:26

  • Nate

    Brutal…just brutal. Last run was a death trot fighting pukie the whole way trying to make it under 20…so close yet so far away.