My CrossFit hike/climb on Oahu on Monday: the narrow path up the three peaks of Olomana.

0600h WOD: Tres, Cuatro, Cinco

THREE rounds of FOUR exercises, FIVE reps each:

Power Cleans

Push Jerk

Back Squats


For maximum weight. Once your hands touch the bar, you must complete all four movements without breaking your grip. Buena suerte!


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  • Craig

    Haven’t done this wod in a while.. I forget how tough it is to hang on to the damn bar. Just can’t seem to catch enough breath.

    For more work, try full squat cleans & front squats!

    155 (Dropped bar before front squats)
    175 (Dropped bar before push jerks & front squats!)

  • Darren

    Great workout this AM. Pretty much had same results as craig Except he grinded out front squats. In honor of Jon and his dudes starting double days I had had a double WOD.

    I was feeling pretty good and just did “Nicole”

    30 clean and jerks at 135 lbs. time of 5:50 not best time compared to main page but i will take it for first time.

  • Nate


    Just don’t have the shoulder strength to really go after this one, but it still hurts so that’s a good thing.