070820 MONDAY


Sarah demo-ing today’s wod.

0600h Metacon WOD

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of

Sumo-Deadlift High Pull

Push Jerk

Men 75#

Ladies 45#

We took this wod directly from CFSC’s Brendan who’s video is posted on the CF Main Site. Brendan knocked out this lung burner in 8:20. He set the bar for our firebreathers this morning who got into a little competition and knocked this wod out in 7:30 & 7:32 respectively (see comments)!


Click here for Brendan’s video: WOD


The Original CrossFitter?

Working out with fitness legend Jack LaLanne

By Mike Cassidy

Mercury News Columnist

Article Launched: 08/17/2007 01:35:03 AM PDT

Why do they have to exercise so freaking early in the morning?

You’re too tired at the end of the day, LaLanne says. Besides, it’s good for you. “To leave a hot bed, to leave a hot woman and go into a cold gym,” he says, “man, that takes discipline.”

“Let me see you get on the floor and do push-ups until you die,” LaLanne erupts.

Click for Article

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  • Craig

    Awesome effort Darren & Jon.

    Jon let D take off hard and paced himself. D got almost one exercise ahead, but Jon watched him rest in between 12 & 9 and made up most of the difference. However, there’s no need for rest at 6 & 3 so D pulled it out in the end.

    Darren: 7’32
    Jon: 7:34
    Sarah (45#): 12:10
    Craig: 8:59

    My lungs were on fire!

  • Rob

    9:01 – 75 lbs