What do Luca & Burton have in common? Both tall & strong..yes, but they also recently nailed their first muscle ups at DCF! Congrats guys.

0600h Metacon WOD

Tabata Something Else (see yesterday’s post for details).


Pull Ups

Push Ups

Sit Ups

No breaks between exercises! Yikes. This is an awesome bodyweight wod.


Before I started CrossFit, 2 years ago, I had borderline high blood pressure, despite the marathons and triathlons and static weighlifting I did (hereditary, I believed). CrossFit’s intense, varied, full-body wods lowered my bp below my age group average – without diet change in 6 months! Remarkable.

Kids’ High Blood Pressure Goes Untreated


Article Launched: 08/21/2007 11:56:48 PM PDT

CHICAGO—More than 1 million U.S. youngsters have undiagnosed high blood pressure, leaving them at risk for developing organ damage down the road, a study suggests.

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  • Craig

    Sarah (subs for Situps and Squats): 339!
    Jon: 464
    Craig: 369

    Good one. Man, I think I need a couple days off. Tired of getting my ass kicked by everyone!

  • Darren

    Jon, I hate you. you are too fast.

  • Craig


    Jon saw Rob’s #’s from the night before on the board – so he wrote down the average for each exercise to know what he had to do to beat him. Pretty funny – competitive bastard.

  • Nate

    You tie me Craig and then write that you’re tired of getting your ass kicked by everyone. Thanks for that:) On that note, I’d just be happy to do a WOD involving pullups that doesn’t end up with me pouring hydrogen peroxide into an open wound. Gotta love the pain.

  • Craig

    Funny! I saw your numbers- not long before you’re kicking my ass too.

    I’m starting to get those same damn wounds too – working on the muscle ups has given me very nice wrist blisters (false grip!).

    Who gets blisters on their wrists???

  • Matt Brennan

    Struggling to type this –


    Who’s bright idea was it to put pushups after pullups? Ouch!