070823 Thursday Night

Jackie In and Out

I’ve been wanting to try this one for a few weeks now and it was a real bruiser. I just dare you to do this one. Sissy. Simply do ‘Jackie’ one of the famous CrossFit benchmarks and then do it again backwards. Simple, you wimp.

Row 1,000 meters

#45 Thrusters 50 reps

Pull ups 30 reps

– rest 5 minutes –

Pull ups 30 reps

#45 Thrusters 50 reps

Row 1,000 meters

-for time.

Tonight we had three first timers: Frank, Mat, and David and they all did a great job with the Newbie WOD and got to watch the rest of us suffer.

Doing Jackie In and Out were Luca, Anne, Nick and yours truly because we aren’t sissies like you (unless you do it too.)

The second set of pull ups was like what my old calculus professor used to call ‘interesting.’ You know your in trouble when thrusters are the easy part. I double devil dog dare you to try this one.

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  • Brian Nesmith

    Luca 19.50
    Brian 19.15
    Nick 24.37
    Anne 23.48
    Frank Newbie WOD 10.46
    Mat Newbie WOD 9.58
    David Newbie WOD 9.59
    Strong work all around folks, respect!

  • Luca

    Now that was what I call hard, I’m feeling it this morning, nice to see newbies, our little gym is growing up!!!

  • Craig

    This looks awesome!

    Why do I say that, knowing what pain awaits me?

    Crazy drug this CrossFit…

    Great wod Brian.

  • Anne

    Definitely used up every ounce I had!!!