070824 FRIDAY – “The Older I Get the Better I was. . .or Am?”

Dave doing Kettlebell Cleans. Dave returned for the workout at 6am after completing his first CrossFit workout last night at 7pm. Strong Work Dave!


5 rounds for time

200m run

10 pull ups

10 squats with 135lbs

10 Kettlebell cleans

Post time to comments.


59 year old makes it onto Div. III football team

. . .Flynt’s position is still being determined, but he used to play linebacker. Wherever he lines up, he’ll likely become the oldest player in college football history. Neither the NCAA or NAIA keeps such a statistic, but research hasn’t turned up anyone older than their mid-40s. And even those are rare, for obvious reasons.

“I told him he’s an idiot,” said Jerry Larned, who coached Flynt at Sul Ross in 1969 and counseled him at the start of his comeback. “I said, `Gosh, dang, Mike, you’re not 20 years old any more. You’re liable to cripple yourself.’ He understands all of that. But he has a burning desire to play. … He is in great physical condition. He still runs a 5-flat 40 and bench presses I-don’t-know-what. He’s a specimen for 59 years old.

. . . “People have asked me, `Mike, what is the fountain of youth?’ Well, it’s strength training that builds muscle, increases bone density and burns calories,” he said. “It’s the one thing you can do in your 90s and benefit from.””

Don’t let the number of years on the planet make you think you can’t do something, whether it is being to old to compete . . . or being too young to play with the ‘big boys’ for that matter. -jj

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  • J Jones

    Forgot to record everyone’s time off of the board for posting here. . .

    I think I got 15:50. . . or was it 17:50?

  • Craig

    Sorry I missed guys.. needed a day off.

    Jon: 12:00 (modified squats)
    Josh: 14:00
    Sarah: 16:34 (mods)
    JJ: 15:50
    Dave: 21:17!

    Nice wod.

  • J Jones

    Dave also modified by doing air squats and using the medium band for pull up assistance (for future reference).