070831 FRIDAY “Gravy”

Workout: “Fight Gone Bad”

In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. The stations are:

1. Wall-ball – 20 pound ball, 8 ft target. (Reps)

2. Deadlift high-pull 75 pounds (Reps)

3. Box Jump – 20″ box (Reps)

4. Push-press 75 pounds (Reps)

5. Row � calories (Calories)

The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of “rotate,” the athlete/s must move to next station immediately for good score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point

Post score to comments.


Luca found this on the CrossFit New York City Website:

Which I found quite interesting. On another note, I recently read this article:

Italian Town To Pay Residents To Shed Flab

“Men living in the northwestern Italian town of Varallo will receive 50 euros ($70) for losing 4 kg 9 pounds) in a month, Mayor Gianluca Buonanno said. Women will get the same amount for shedding 3 kg (7 pounds).

If they can keep the weight off for 5 months, they will get another 200 euros ($280), he told Reuters.”

The article also says that:

“Around 35 percent of Italians are overweight or obese, according to European Union figures, with waistlines expanding as the country’s healthy Mediterranean diet has given way to processed foods rich in fat, sugar and salt”

Even if the two sources don’t exactly agree (probably due to different definitions of “overweight or obese”), I am fairly confident that the chart accurately places each country relative to each other. With that in mind, it is remarkable that the Italians (4th from the skinniest on the chart) are taking what most Americans would consider ‘drastic’ measures to fight obesity.


Bonus Rant: “Gravy” (click ‘continue reading’ below for more)

No, I am not talking about the brown stuff you put on potatoes and pot roast. I am talking about a different type of gravy; it is still something that you add at your discretion to ‘spice things up’ . . . This gravy is something you put on top of a workout to make it harder.

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  • J Jones

    Lackluster performance of FGB for me today. 314. Not horrible, but not great either.

  • Craig

    I need more gravy. Gonna start wearing that vest and wearing that weight belt! Great post.