0800h WOD w/Luca

(Painstorms started as workouts between Scotland, the U.K. and the US. Originally it was Davie (CrossFit Central Scotland), Karl (CrossFit Manchester) and Jeff (Brand X Martial Arts) egging each other on do do some crazy workouts, and inviting anyone else in the world to join in on the “fun”. This one is from Gordon Limb, who got caught up in this madness when he was stationed in the U.K. -jj)


20,19,18,17,…..1 reps of

– Dead Lift (B.W.)

– Push Ups

– Dumbell Cleans (1/2 B.W.)

40 minute time limit

This was tough, both physically and mentally but we all took it head on. Cody the newbie of the day joined in as well! I didn’t take don’t the scores, my bad, but we all completed at least all of the 15th round, some even more,with some weights modification along the way. Great work everybody, Jon, Sarah, Josh, Rick, Josh, Cody.

1900h WOD w/ Brian

Great class last night! I wanted to continue the ‘specialized’ training we’ve been doing around the Shed to prepare for the upcoming Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser around the world on September 29th. The workout was yet another variation on that famous routine and pretty hard for a new trainee. We had four people with limited CrossFit experience but they joined in and did a great job.

Prison Fight Gone Bad

A lot of prisons have been eliminating weightlifting for inmates. So a lot of the prisoners that like to workout a lot have switched over to grueling calisthenic exercises. Two of the most popular movements are burpees or bodyweight squats (what CrossFitters call air squats or simply squats.) We performed the standard exercises from FGB just once through for a count of 25 but we had to do 25 squats before each movement. It looks like this;

25 squats

row 25 calories on the Concept II

25 squats

25 box jumps

25 squats

25 wall ball shots

25 squats

25 push presses with 75# for men, 45# for women

25 squats

25 sumo dead-lift high pulls with 75# for men, 45# for women

Just once through for time.

Attending were Matt, Anne, Yan, Tony, Jen, Deanna, Rachelle, and Oleg. Oleg did a great job on the Newbie WOD and then did the above workout for 10s.



Living With Cancer: Keeping Pain And Fatigue Under Control

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  • J Jones

    Prison Fight Gone Bad! That is awesome! Let’s break out the shives.

  • Josh Neil

    Lucca- When I left the class I thank you for kicking my ass. I didn’t mean it at the time, but by noon I was glad I went.

    By nightfall, my body was hurting and again, I was cursing your name!

    Anyhow, great workout!

  • Luca Z

    What can I say, posts like that Josh bring tears to my eyes, it’s a privilege to work out with you guys, thanks

  • Craig

    Luca, I walked in at 8:45 and saw one big mess of human carnage!! What a wod – great crew. You guys are a tough crowd!

  • Anne

    Prison FGB…can’t walk…13 minutes 39 seconds.

  • Craig

    Prison FGB

    Brian 9:49
    Matt 10:55
    Tony 12:41
    Deanna 18:00
    Anne 13:39
    Yan 15:35
    Jen 16:21
    Rachelle 16:47
    Oleg 9:01 (reps x10 after Newbie wod)

  • Matt Brennan

    I didn’t think anything was going to make Prison FGB look wimpy, but…Painstorm, ouch.

    BTW Correction on time for my PFGB:

  • Craig

    Matt: duly noted. Check results above.

  • J Jones

    And, Oh yeah!

    They don’t call it “PAIN” storm for nothing.

  • Mike E.

    Wow. Those workouts just make me tear up reading them. You guys are awesome. I got an Aerodyne and my knee is okay on it. Is 158 watt average (117 calories) for 10 minutes okay on an aerodyne? Nearly killed me. It’s a start. Got two weighted pull-ups at 65 lbs. I can’t wait to get back to the shed, but I can’t say exactly when.

    My new chiropractor is is very very good in my opinion. She’s on Concord Blvd in Concord, her name is Jennifer Klingstedt. She has a degree in kinesiology, a background in physical therapy and personal training as well as a chiropractic degree. Highly recommended.