070911 TUESDAY


Rachelle marches off into the night on Round 4 of a 100m walking lunge set.

0800h WOD w/ Luca

This morning we had an all Studs class with Cody, Josh, Rick and Josh, so we had some fun.

2 Rounds of CFWU minus Pull-Ups then

50-30-10 for time of

Hang Power Clean & Jerk (95lb)


See comments for times.

1900h WOD w/ Craig

Four Rounds For Time of…

100m Walking Lunges w/ 8lb or 20lb med ball overhead

100m Medicine Ball Toss (throw, run, pick up, throw, on the return)

10 Hanging Squat Cleans (boys 75# / girls 45#)

10 Pull Ups

Tough one!



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  • Luca

    You should have seen them go. Cody is very solid on the Clean&Jerk, good rhythm, they then finished with 4 rounds of Tabata ABS.

    Rick: 14:52
    Josh: 15:39
    Josh2: 18:08

    Good job guys hope to see you all, and more on Thursday morning

  • Anne

    Anne – 30 minutes and 10 second…that was a whole lot of walking lunges!!!!! But we pulled through…thanks Craig, Dan, Rachelle and Jen 🙂