070921 FRIDAY

** SATURDAY WOD TIMES CHANGED! 0730h Metacon & 0815h Power **


Kellie show the stages of the Burpee Pull-Up.

0600h WOD

30 – 30 – 30

30 reps, burpee-style! , of each of the following:


Wall Balls (Men #14, Ladies #8)

Box Jumps

Burpee style: Do a box jump (pull up, wall ball toss), then drop to the floor, do a push up and get back up and do your next rep. These will take the wind out of your sail quickly!



Study says soccer is better than jogging

By MARIA CHENG, AP Medical Writer

LONDON – There’s a new slogan for weight-watchers: Burn it like Beckham. A friendly game of soccer, a new study has found, works off more fat and builds up more muscle than jogging.

Danish scientists, who conducted their research on 37 men, also found the soccer players felt less tired after exercising than the joggers because they were having more fun.

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  • J Jones

    Favorite quote from the article:

    “The argument as to whether or not vigorous activity is better than moderate activity is over,” O’Donovan said.

    The other part where the guys playing footy lost more body fat and actually gained lean muscle mass (as opposed to the joggers who gained nothing) is pretty good too.


  • Luca Z.

    Key words, interval training and having fun doing it

  • Craig

    Burton: 14:25! (thats two days in a row I’ve been beat by Burton…nice improvement buddy)

    Craig: 14:44

    Jimmy: 17:30 (had me beat through 10’s..damn)

    Kellie: 13:15 (RA adjustment – no burps after 15)

  • Darren

    Been gone for a while getting married, but what a workout to come back to. 13:10 with a 12 pound med ball(biggest we have at station)

  • Craig

    Hey, D! Saw your pic pop up today on our Flickr acct and was wondering where you went. Welcome back. Nice time! That was a bitch, eh?