070925 WEDNESDAY “Cindy”

The 0600 regulars at sunrise (after the workout).



Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of the following:

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats

Post rounds (and fractions of rounds to comments).


Hump Day Article:

It has been a while since we had a “Hump Day” Article, so here one is:

Senior Citizens More Sexually Active than Previously Thought

Now all we need is a study relating sexual activity and longevity. . . I-MEAN-how long you are going to LIVE (not the other kind, you bunch of sickos). -jj


And here is a bonus article (just because it is so damn interesting):

Omega-3s fight Type I Diabetes

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  • J Jones

    Today we had some more record setters!

    Jon killed it with 27!
    Josh, Rick, and myself got 22
    Burton: 19
    Sarah: 14* +pushups
    Charmane: 14*
    Jimmy: 13
    Kelly: 12*

    * = Modified

  • Craig

    27?? Did his pushups hit the floor? Jon is banned from DCF until we can catch up.

    Josh – Rick – new PRs. Nice job guys.

    I heard Rob did 28 with no witnesses…

  • Craig

    Nice pic, by the way!

  • jmarvelous

    yes they did hit the floor, but i was on my knees, girlie style!
    just feeling it that day, i actually had about 30 seconds left after 27. but i was dead.no way i could have done one more rep of anything- and today im paying for my zealousness. sore dosnt even describe my muscles right now. i had a plan to do sets of five till i hit 25 as fast as i could to beat my last score of 21. lots of fun.