0800h WOD w/Luca

Just me and the boys today ( Rick & Josh J.) so we had some mucho-macho fun with our work-out:


3 rounds for time:

5 Bear Complexes (Power clean, Thrusters) 95lb

20 Pull-Up

30 Push-Up

400m Run

2 people teams, each athlete completing the tasks while the other hold a 45lb plate(PET)

you cannot drop the plate, if you do, the other starts from the top of what he was doing. Great work for Ariel our newbie of the day, and my Muay-Thai buddy.

See you all on Tuesday morning


Jimmy getting it over the top – kipping style.

1900h WOD w/ Brian

FGB Primer (Fight Gone Bad)

3 rounds for max reps. 45 seconds per exercise, 15 seconds rest between exercises.

SDHP 75#

Box Jump 20″

Row for Calories

Wall Ball 20/14

Push Press 75#



Fat where it counts: The BMI and body types

The BMI once again proves that it is not a good measurement for everyone. I hope the analysts can find a better measuring tool before we have another misguided government driven health war like the war on cholesterol. -jj

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  • Luca Z.

    Josh and Rick did it in 33:13
    Ariel did his newbie in 7:48