071001 MONDAY


JJ shows his new tat and 60lb teabag on a weighted pull up.

0600h WOD

A little variation on the CF wod today…

3 Rounds For Time:

Medicine Ball Toss 200m (Men 20lbs / Women 10)

25 Dumbell Thrusters (Men 45lb dbs / Women 15)

15 Pull Ups


Article: Video Games That Keep Kids Fit

Time, Sep 13, 2007

Do enough dancing or kung-fu kicks, and you just might get the same level of exercise as from chasing a soccer ball… (click on link above for complete article)

One of the key themes of the article is that kids are more likely to workout because they have fun playing video games. I’m certain this is true, but what happens when they get bored with the games? Are gym teachers out of ideas to make P.E. fun? Is this generation carrying such a large sense of entitlement that schools have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on video games to make P.E. fun or they won’t do it? There are so many problems and costs associated with chasing innovation. Post your comments.

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  • J Jones

    Yeah, the ‘teabag’ pull up is very dangerous with a chain that short.

    Trust me.

  • That Hideous Strength (Mike)

    HA HA HA. Now i have a new name for weighted pullups.

    I was working on those yesterday.
    3-3-3-3-3 @ 80#
    Then 5 rounds of max rep pullups @ bodyweight.

  • CraigH


    Rick!! 13:45
    Jon 15:00
    Sarah 15:52 (1/2 depth thrusts & band p/ups)
    Charmaine 15:32 (band p/ups)
    Craig 16:25
    Burton 16:45 (35# dbs)
    Kelly 16:13 (squats sub for thrusts & band p/ups)
    Jimmy 20:45 (25# dbs)

    Rick nailed it this morning. Jon, full depth thrusters on repaired knee – 1st time since surgery!

  • That Hideous Strength (Mike)

    Way to go Jon!!! It’s awesome that you’re recovering so quickly!!!