WOD w/Luca

This morning we did a nice combinations of movements, for a good work-out:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of

95lb Thrusters

K-B Swings

Box Jumps

All done for time


Cause and effect.

We had Archie, Ariel and Josh, which was working with the gravy.

Nice work everyone and see you in a couple of weeks.


Article (s):

Pregnant Women should eat more fish

With this article:

Study shows Fish Oil supplements improve brain development of children.

Gives more reasons to eat more fish.

Without failure, the more studies that involve fish oil, the more good results we find out about. If you aren’t eating fish every day, you should be TAKING YOUR FISH OIL. I recommend Kirkland Brand from Costco (the “Enteric” kind). They are cheap and doesn’t give me the ‘fish burps’ if I take more than a few.

Personally I take 15 capsules a day because I eat a lot of other fats and it is good to balance the ‘bad fats’ with the ‘good fats’ (each Kirkland brand cap has 440mg Omega-3 fatty acids – 200 DHA and 240 EPA). But if you just take a few a day you will notice the results. -jj

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  • Luca Z.

    Archie with 65lb thrusters and 12kg pod 15:42
    Ariel with 45lb thrusters and 12kg pod 19:33
    Josh with 95lb thrusters and 20kg pod + gravy 13:47

  • darren

    Hey guys, Do you know a good site i can use to track work outs and pr’s?

  • J Jones

    Darren, check out the link in the upper left called “LOG YOUR WORKOUTS!”

    It is a new program that you can use to track your own workouts as well as compare them to all the other crossfitters using it (for the benchmark workouts, etc).

    It is pretty damn cool.


  • That Hideous Strength (Mike)

    If you don’t get the enteric coating you can also freeze your fish oil caps.