071005 FRIDAY “Fran”

Workout: “Fran”

(Compare with results on: 070613)

For time:

21-15-9 reps of

Thrusters (95# men, 65# women)

Pull ups

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Study links low cholesterol levels and cancer

Good Cholesterol Gets Better

“. . .But raising HDL levels is difficult. One drug that does it, niacin, has bothersome side effects.

Attempts by several companies to design drugs to raise HDL cholesterol have not yet been successful. . .

. . . The alternative is to “become lean and become very active. That’s probably as effective as anything we have at the moment. But most people who try don’t succeed,” Barter said. “The biggest frustration is that we don’t have the magic bullet like we do for the LDL.””

Eat right, and become lean and active. . . with the alternative being a ‘magic bullet’ that increases your risk for cancer. The choice seems simple to me. Maybe the reason more people don’t just exercise and eat right is because it is too cheap. For the prices these drugs cost, the insurance companies could hire someone to follow a person around and make them eat right and exercise. With the added benefit of not having to take care of all the additional people getting cancer. -jj

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  • J Jones

    I forgot to track everyone’s scores for posting here, I think these are right:

    JJ 4:24 (PR I think, much better than 6:00 last time)
    Jon 4:42 *mod pull ups for injured shoulder
    Rick 4:48
    Josh 4:51
    Burton 7:11
    Charmaine 7:51

  • Craig

    Jj’s back yes he’s back,nah, nah, nah….
    Nice man!! That’s the JJ I know. What a long road that was.

    Jon, Rick, Josh all under 5!! Stout.

    Who at DCF will have the 1st sub 4 Fran? Hmmm. Bets?