071008 MONDAY


3 rounds for time.

100m walk lunge w 20lb med ball

100m med ball toss

20 Kb swings

20 knees to elbows

Post time to comments.


Article: (A big thanks to Mike for the article today).

Examples of 1946 Army Physical Fitness Test movement Standards.

WWII set modern fitness standards

Personally, I would argue that ‘standards’ have dropped as far as ‘modern fitness’ goes. -jj

For more information on the old fitness standards and methods, go here: http://www.ihpra.org/military.htm.

And from that site, here are the fitness tests from the WWII era: 1946 Army Physical Fitness Test

You better believe that we will be having a WOD with these movements in the near future. -jj

As a side note, The CrossFit Journal issue 30 from February 2005 highlighted the Navy’s Gymnastics and Tumbling book from 1944.

Not only is this journal FREE. . . Yes FREE for download by clicking here. It is actually a gateway to download the scanned version of the Gymnastics and Tumbling manual (all 463 pages of it). Luckily it is broken down into sections, or you can download the entire manual at once. . . it happens to be 254 MB.

With great stuff like this coming out every month. . . why don’t you have a subscription yet!?

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