Sarah practices some basic Olympic Weightlifting with a new perspective on “center of gravity”.


Perform one complete Tabata Circuit for the following exercises with one minute rest in between stations.

Double Unders

Kettlebell Swings (1.5 pood, or 55lb dumbell)

Pull Ups

Wall Ball (men: 20lb women: 14lb ball, 10 ft target)

A “Tabata” circuit is 8 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, so each interval lasts 30 seconds, with a total circuit time of 4 minutes (if you count the last 10 s rest). In this workout you will be completing all 8 intervals of an exercise before resting and moving on to the next exercise.

Your Tabata ‘score’ is the lowest number of repetitions in any given interval for the exercise in that particular circuit. Add up the minimum score from each exercise for a total score for the workout.

Post score to comments.



Overeating, Inflammation, and Metabolic Diseases

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  • Craig

    Double Unders/Kettle Bells/Pull Ups/Wall Ball

    John 3,10,8,10 = 31
    Sarah 7*,9,4,5 = 25
    Deya 5,10,4,5 = 24
    Charmaine 4,8,5,6 = 23
    Burton 4,10,5,5 = 24
    jj 7,11,7,6 = 31
    Jimmy 11*,5,5,8 = 29
    Craig 5,9,7,9 = 30

    *Singles on Jump Rope divided by 4.

    Thanks, Genesis for your time keeping!

    Newbie, Matt knocked out a 4:08 on the Newbie wod.!