071015 MONDAY


Jimmy showing a his variation of the “perfect push-up.” By the way in 3 weeks, Jimmy trimmed 4:20 off his Helen time!!

0600h WOD – Helen

3 Rounds For Time:

400m Run

21 Kettle Bell Swings (1.5p)

12 Pull Ups

Josh J. reclaims his title as DCF Helen #1 with an 8:50 performance (including the hill in the 400!).

Post time to comments.


Does CrossFit work?

3 weeks ago the morning crew did Helen. Every single person improved their times in just 3 short weeks, including our firebreathers: DCF Helen Sep 24

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  • Craig

    JOSH 8:50!! New PR
    Rick 9:00 New PR
    Craig 9:42 30sec improvement from 9/24
    Burton 9:05 New PR (1pd kb)
    Deya 12:20 (band p/us & 35kb)
    Kellie 11:18 (row, band p/us, 35kb) New PR

  • Craig

    Ha, I forgot Jimmy’s time!!

    12:30 new PR! A 4:20 improvement from 3 weeks ago.

    What the hell was he doing during those 4minutes??

  • Rob

    Nice work, Josh! The battle continues!!!