071022 MONDAY


Mike with Devil eyes, grinds through his cleans.

0600h WOD

21, 15, and 9 rep rounds for time of:

95 pound Squat clean

L Pull-ups

95 pound Thruster

Handstand Push-ups

Post time to comments.



Building Elite Forces for the Future: Navy SEAL training

“A ‘racehorse’ — an Olympian or world class athlete — may roll over when his physical gift won’t carry him. It just stops being fun. Meanwhile, a real ‘mutt’ who’s lived with adversity every day, a guy who sees this training as more of the same, who only knows how to slug on through, well, he’ll steadily become more fit, then surprise you at how well he makes it.”

(article found by Mike Erickson, at “Mikes Gym” – Coach Mike Burgener’s awesome website). -jj

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  • Craig

    Times.. someone didn’t write them down dammit. And I was dead at the end. This was a brutal tester. We all subbed Box assist HSPUs except for Mike who did legit HSPUs for his first set – nice one buddy.

    Craig 21:00ish (cant believe I beat Rick, Jon & Josh!)
    Josh 21:02ish
    Rick 21:20ish
    Jon 22:00ish, right?
    Sarah 18:00ish – LSits for LPulls 45# – pregnant lady kicked our asses!
    Deya 17:30ish – wow, D! Lsits for LPulls 35#