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0800h Wod with Luca

Yesterday you guys did a 2000k rowing today we thought about to up that with a 2500k plus some side dishes, for flavor, so we did:

Row 500m

50 Rings Push-Ups

Row 500m

40 Push-Presses

Row 500m

30 K-B Swings

Row 500m

20 Box Jumps 30″

Row 500m

10 Burpees

Ryan and I duked it out and had some fun

See you on Tuesday



Experts Sound off about Workout Grunting

And here is a bonus article about testosterone and facial expressions:

High-testosterone people reinforced by others’ anger, new study finds

(study for article above):

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Luca Z.

    Luca 24:19
    Ryan 27:31

  • Craig

    Great articles!

    DCF allows grunting. Why not? Everyone is too damn tired to care.