071031 Happy Halloween!


“In the merciless environment of intense competition, some people thrive and some people dive.” – Jeremy Jones

Rick and Craig (left) lost by a single tire flip in the Halloween 100m Tire Flip Relay race against “Team J” (Jorgy and Jeremy).


10,9,8 . . .3,2,1 rep rounds of the following triplet:

Pull ups

Kettlebell swings (1.5 pood or 55 lb dumbell)

Box jumps (20in box)

Post time to comments.



Emotions Run Amok in Sleep Deprived Brains

So get some sleep this Halloween!

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  • jorgy

    two more quotes to put up spoken by true wisemen.

    jorgy- “i got jj!!!”

    and rick- “f!@#ng craig”

    great workout today i cant wait til sat i just hope luca isn’t the one watching my form.

  • That Hideous Strength (Mike)

    HA HA HA!!! Well said guys. I’m jealous that I missed out on some tire flippin action. Did tabata sprints today with my guys at the base. We’re pretty much destroyed after that shit. YAY!!!

  • Craig

    Rick “f-ng team traitor” 7:40
    Josh “no faith m-fr” 7:35

    Craig “But I rowed a 6:55!” 8:20
    Deya “almost 1 pullup!” 10:15
    Sarah “wod for two” 12:10
    JJ “get the f outta my way” 7:23
    Jon “just another day at the office” 7:24

  • Craig

    Wait, it should have been:

    Jon “my girlfriend has two vaginas” 7:24

  • J Jones

    ^ That is some funny shit.

  • That Hideous Strength (Mike)

    Very funny, man i’m glad i looked back here to see everyones comments. That was my big laugh of the day

  • ultra sarah

    Thats my man!…..GOD! I gotta get a life!