071105 MONDAY – Back From Certification!


Diablo CrossFit was well represented at the Certification Seminar at the brand new North Santa Cruz CrossFit (NSC) facility in Scotts Valley. Surrounding the devilish vixens Nicole and Eva are Josh, Jeremy, Craig, Luca, Rick and Brian (from left to right). See more pictures of the AMAZING NSC facility after the jump.

0600h WOD

21 Kettlebell Swings (men 1p / girls 35lb)

21 Ring Push Ups

1 Rope Climb

15 Kettlebell Swings

15 Ring Push Ups

1 Rope Climb

9 Kettlebell Swings

9 Ring Push Ups

1 Rope Climb

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  • Craig

    JJ the hardass.

    Great pic! Awesome Cert. Amazing facility. Cool people. Spectacular athletes. Perfect weekend.

    Way to represent, Rick & Josh.

  • J Jones

    I do look like a hard ass don’t I?

    I swear it wasn’t intentional. I am usually grinning like an idiot more than most people.

  • Mike Mathers (INFIDEL)

    I’m SOOOOOOO friggin jealous!!!!!!!!!!! ALL you guys went to the CERT? AHHHH. I could have gone since my bro’s flight got pushed back till tuesday.
    I did CFHQ’s WOD as rx’d/ 12:11.91. Not too bad after playing ultimate frisbee for two hours yesterday. OUCH.

    Good Job Rick and Josh.
    Cheers to ya from Washington.

  • Brian Nesmith

    What happens at a Cert? Well, I made friends with CrossFit’s top Gymnastics coach,Roger Harrell, got some personal training on my overhead squats from Brendan Gilliam (the guy in all the films) got help training on o-lift ques from Annie Sakamoto (you know her), met fantastic people from Scotland, Canada, locally, etc. Learned an ocean about training others. Enjoyed some of the best knowledge in fitness and health collected on the planet. I also developed a bit of a man crush on Robb Wolfe. I mean, have you seen his kip?

    Finally, to Jeremy, Luca, and Craig: who’s guy won Fran? MINE! My man Peter took #1 overall! Incredible effort!

  • Luca Z.

    Yeah, yeah Brian stop bragging about your Fran guy just shear luck of the draw, eheheh. I had a great time too learn a ton of stuff and my new hero is Rob Miller, and I can say I taught something to Rob Wolf, he is studying italian so I help him out, top that one out

  • Nicole

    Yes! I finally get my very own horns!