Look who’s holding the keg! Can you spot the rest of the DCF crew at the CF Cert?

CF WOD: Rest

DCF 0600h WOD

5 Rounds for Time:

10 Snatch Grip Deadlifts – Body weight

10 Dumbell Press – Men 35# Women #15

10 Double Unders

Post time to comments.


Bad news: even a small amount of excess fat harms your heart. Good news: its reversable!

Article: Modest Gain In Visceral Fat Causes Dysfunction Of Blood Vessel Lining In Lean, Healthy Humans

ScienceDaily (Nov. 6, 2007)

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  • Craig

    Kellie 9:43 (#45DLs & 10#DBs)
    JJ: 11:59!
    Rick: 12:19
    Craig: 12:24
    Jimmy: 13:13! (J is creeping up the boards!!)
    Burton: 13:43

    Amazing improvements from Kellie and Jimmy – these two just started CF about 2 months ago.

  • J Jones

    I was trying to balance the keg with one hand, but I couldn’t get to do it for more than a second or two.