“Power Cindy”

As many times as you can in 20 minutes:

5 Back Squat (3/4 body weight)

10 Bench Press (1/2 body weight)

15 Deadlift (body weight)

Scale the weight up or down as needed. Excellent form is a must. Post number of rounds and fractions of rounds as well as loads used to comments.



New Mom’s NYC Marathon Win Stirs Debate

“CHICAGO—For bleary-eyed new moms, the image of Paula Radcliffe celebrating her astonishing New York marathon victory just nine months after giving birth is more than slightly surreal. There she was, one sinewy arm holding a baby, the other victoriously waving a British flag, ribs visible beneath a washboard-flat torso, not an ounce of visible fat on her sleek body. . .”

Full article after the jump.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Mike Erickson

    Thurs night: BS=115 lb, BP=95, DL=135

    Bailed after three rounds. Back started to round, quit before it caused a problem. Thanks to the Nov. CF Journal article “Spine Mechanics for Lifters” for teaching me the shear forces on the back vertebrae increase dramatically as the back starts to round. Loved the back squats. They feel great. One of these days….

  • ultra sarah

    Great article! There is hope for me after all!! 😉