Fire vs. Police vs. Cindy. Rick (left) a Walnut Creek Firefighter, and Andrew, an Oakland Police Officer, after their very first battle with Cindy.

Why do so many military, police and fire personnel like CrossFit? Because it prepares you for real life situations. In a recent fire, Rick climbed 7 flights of stairs with full gear BEFORE he began fighting the fire. Police have to be ready to wrestle a suspect to the ground AFTER chasing them down.

So, the next time someone asks you, “how much can you bench press?” Ask them, “how much can you bench press AFTER you run 400m, do 10 pull ups, 20 push ups, 30 situps and 40 squats?”

CF WOD: Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps.

DCF WOD: Cindy

As many rounds in 20 minutes of:

5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Squats

Post rounds to comments.


This story was making the rounds fast yesterday on the internet. Having dramatically lowered my hdls and triglycerides on Atkins, I’m in doubt about this study: too few participants, and participants were not allowed to lose weight!(??). Post your thoughts to comments.


By Bill Sanderson

November 7, 2007 — You might lose weight with the high-fat Atkins Diet of eggs, meat and cheese – but it could put you at risk of heart disease by raising your cholesterol and damaging your blood vessels, according to a new study. Full Article Here

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  • J Jones

    They had 18 people TOTAL finish the study, and they were studying 3 different diets!? That’s ridiculous. I am not saying that Atkins is the best for all people, but I know it is better than high carb, low fat diets (by far).

    I am going to do a study with myself, the cat, and a plant outside and publish the results (because obviously it doesn’t matter how small the sample group is, only how radical your findings are).

  • jorgy

    the thing that i find wrong with adkins is the complete disreguard for nutrition. high in fats and protein and low in carbs, yes may be effective but can cause severe damage to almost every organ in your body. what about saturated fat or trans fat? atkins did lead the way for some potentially great diets. a high protein diet consisting not only of meat and fat but of nuts beans and seeds. allowing for many leafy greens, so a tuna salad would be a great meal. take out lots of cholesterol through eating egg whites instead of a pure egg and you have almost the same amount of protein and virtually no cholesterol. then you take a multivitamin to get the viamins and minerals to keep your immune system and body on track and during the weekends, stop the protein and start with the carbs. eat good pastas and breads, still maintaining the low saturated and trans fats. i believe that covers all of the bases, if not then write me and ill check more up on it.

  • Luca Z.

    Archie 13 rounds
    Rick 12 rounds + 5pull-ups 10push-ups
    Great work gentelmen

  • Mike Erickson

    Anyone going to the stretch seminar at One World on Saturday? It looks too good to pass up.

  • Craig

    Jorgy, great comment. My blood changes on Atkins were very likely the result of my diet change from the elimination of high glycemic index carbs(sugars!) and the increase in protien. But, on Atkins I had to take a fibre supplement just so I could crap. There is a great deal of merit to the elimination of processed carbs -but “good” carbs, or long-chain carbs (starches & legumes) are essential to replenishing glycogen in the liver (ideal for endurance energy). Which leads me to question what other nutrients was I missing on Atkins.

  • Burton

    I subscribe to Cave Man Diet
    Don’t argue with Mother Nature. There are way to many variables and too many unknowns when it comes to diet.
    What I do know is that our ancestors and their ancestors ate
    meat, dairy, eggs, fowl, grains, fish, veges, fruits, nuts, water, herbs, salt. – did I leave anything out?
    Its hard to argue with millions of years of evolution.

    The News and Food industry is always coming up with some new bogus info.
    that eventually gets debunked later down the road.

    Last year – its everything must be low fat
    because eating fat is directly related to fat on your body
    This year – its don’t eat eggs
    because eggs have high cholesterol you will have high cholesterol
    Next year – its don’t have dairy
    because its high in fat
    Then – its don’t eat meat
    because its hard to digest.
    Then – its don’t eat fish
    because all fish contain Mercury.

    Stick with Mother Nature – she won’t steer you wrong.

    Interesting info about eggs

    Even though a good amount of cholesterol is consumed when an egg is eaten, much of the cholesterol becomes “unavailable for absorption” in the presence of the phospholipid.

    “This may be a reason why so many studies found no association between egg intake and blood cholesterol,” he said. The phospholipid, or lecithin, found in egg markedly inhibits the cholesterol absorption. The inhibition is not 100 percent, he said. Some cholesterol is absorbed but the amount is significantly reduced in the presence of this phospholipid.


  • Darren

    Great to see all the momentum you guys have been getting. Also good to see one of the guys from my fire department(Rick) showed up. My schedule changed and can’t make the Fire breather class. I have been Working hard on my own, and hope to be able to come by soon and show some support.

  • J Dub

    The Atkins diet reccomends supplemental vitamins to make up for lack of fruits and certain veggies. When I did Atkins, initially my cholesterol went up a few points, but in the longer run, my cholesterol went below where I started and my blood pressure and resting heart rate sank to incredible lows. I will agree that for me personally, it`s a tough diet to stick with if you`re a carb lover.

  • J Jones

    I am on day four of a version of the “Ketogenic Diet”, something I heard about a while ago from the Performance Menu message boards, and at the last cert. Basically it is very similar to Atkins 5 days a week with carb loading on the weekends. The way I understand it, I can eat all the leafy greens during the week with the protein, but I should avoid all other carbohydrates (until the weekend).

    It has been a tough 4 days so far. I can understand how hard this diet would be if I had to do it continuously.


  • Mike Mathers (INFIDEL)

    it’s good to see so much activity on the comment board! Jorgy, I aggree with you on the Atkins thing. It’s important to have balance in any part of your life, including diet. Any kind of extreme will lead to a gross imbalance and eventually you aill crash. i think moderation and a level head are the best diet tips. Oh yeah, and don’t drink tons of dark beer like me =P

  • J Jones

    mmmmmm. . . beer.


  • jorgy

    for craig. yes im guessing you had to take fiber supplements because of too much red meat, which can lead to early signs of colon cancer. its true what burton said about the media and how it changes america’s beliefs but one thing is that anything in excess is bad for you. just like how crossfit is a balance between a person’s fitness along many(ten) different aspects, so should be your diet. too much meat is bad and so is too much salad. in order to get the prescribed amount of nutrients in your body you need to balance the diet.

  • J Jones

    If you really want to get technical. . . Red meat from animals raised with hormones and fed the incorrect food (corn and grain to cows for example) are the worst contributers to colon and many other cancers. Even more so if the meat has nitrates or other chemical preservatives.

    Eat grass fed beef if possible. Even better is Buffalo, Deer, and Elk.

    Coach said it best in the last Journal:

    “If the food even has a label at all, it is suspect.”

    Veggies don’t grow with an FDA label, and the chickens don’t tell the hatchet man what their level of saturated fat and protein is before they get axed.

    -jj (aka “If you can’t kill it with a stick, don’t eat it” Jones).

  • jorgy

    yes yes yes jj. i love the way you think. that was one of the points i had after i posted that last thought. the lean meats are the best and the fatty meats, the ones that are unnatural like most american beefs are the worst.