071109 FRIDAY “Elevation”


Our “Team 6” Firebreathers midway through the “Elevation” workout (Rick got a nice rip doing pull ups and bar muscle ups).



In 20 minutes, try to accumulate as many feet of “Elevation” as possible using the following exercises. Next to each exercise is the number we used for distance at the SHED. If you are doing this at on your own, you may change the values to what you have to work with. We also gave two different scores based upon height (over 6 foot is on the left, under 6 foot is on the right).

Rope Climb: 6 foot and up = 12 / 6 foot and under = 11

Muscle Up (bar or rings): 5 / 4

Pull Up: 2.5 / 2

Ring Dip: 2 / 1.5

Box Jump (same for both heights): big box = 3, med box = 2, small box = 1

Step ups (same for both heights): big box = 1.5, med box = 1, small box = 0.5

Tally up your reps for each movement and add it all up for a total score.



Lack of sleep may lead to fatter kids

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • jorgy

    awesome concept for a workout. maybe a good one for the 18th.

  • Craig

    Yikes!! Rick that is a bad one, buddy. Bummer.

    Of course, anyone cruising our site for a cool place to workout has now been scared away.

    Great workout J – very creative. The numbers look pretty damn good. There is enough point incentive to do the rope & muscle ups. We might have to give another half point for the big box however.

    Been reading quite a bit on sleep – top professional endurance atheletes try for 10 a night…sleep is huge to recovery.

  • Craig

    18th might have to be Cindy…

    That way, newbies can get a taste of CF.

  • J Jones

    My score today was 508 (I think).

    I am pretty sure I could do better with a little more strategy, and the points might need a little tweaking. I am glad everyone like the workout.


  • J Jones

    BTW. There is something fishy with the picture. . . can anyone tell what it is?


  • Craig

    Rick’s twin brother was there?

  • J Jones