071111 SUNDAY


Jorgy broke out the “fgb” for today’s wod. What does “fgb” mean? Pick it up and you’ll know immediately. “gb” = green bag.

DCF Workout:

Body Carry

Carry your body weight 1/2 mile or,

1/2 body weight 3/4 mile or,

1/3 body weight 1 mile or,

1/4 body weight 1.5 miles.

Post time to comments.

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  • jorgy

    who did that workout?

  • J Jones

    On Thursday night I ran 1/2 mile with 1/2 bodyweight.


  • Nate

    I did the half body weight (80lbs on the barbell) for 3 DCF laps. Time was around 14 minutes, but the looks on the peoples’ faces down on main street as I heaved and hoed my way around was definitely priceless.

  • Craig

    Official time for the Sunday whackos carrying crap around the building:

    Power Rating = Force (weight) x Distance (m) / Time (seconds)

    Nate: 80lbs 1200m 13:54 = 115 Power Rating
    Mike: 55lbs 1600m 16:58 = 86
    Rick: 100lbs 1200m 12:05 = 165
    Josh: 200lbs 800m 14:20 = 186

  • Craig

    Using the same formula, JJ’s power output looks like:

    100 x 800m / 425s = 188

    Body weight was not included in these calculations. Also, load instability (bag vs. bar) was not calculated. An instable load would require more power, I am thinking.

  • jorgy

    ya i was thinking of running with 205 on the bar but but i thought that heavy bag looked so fun. so i added some weight to it and went for it. too bad for me.

  • Mike Erickson

    I can do better than that. BUT, I can’t imagine doing that in June when I started at DCF. Thanks you guys. Jorgy was intense, loved watching that effort.

  • jorgy

    thanks mike. i think you are gonna see that your abilities will change ten fold after a couple more workouts with dcf. we are just that way around here, we like showing people that if you think you cant do something you at leats have to try. and if you try, you might as well do it.