071112 MONDAY


Kellie grinds through a Turkish Get-up. 1/2 way done – she still has to descend to start position.

0600h WOD

3 Rounds for Time:

10 Turkish Get-ups

20 One Arm Snatches

30 Dumbell Swings

Men 35#, Ladies 15# . Complete half of the repetitions on one arm, then switch arms.

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  • Mike Mathers (Invincible)

    I guess I should have read the notes before I did the wod. Here’s what I ended up putting myself through.
    1.5 pood KB
    10 TGU’s each arm
    20 snatches each arm
    30 swings
    29:51 (almost met pukie)
    I guess i did 2X rx for tgu and snatches. OOPS!!!With way more weight than I should have. What were the other times?