071114 WEDNESDAY “Chain Gang!”


Jimmy, Jorgy and Kellie demonstrating the Chain Gang Movements.


“Chain Gang”

As many times as you can in 20 minutes:

20 sledge hammer swings (16lb sledge for men, 10lb for women)

10 virtual shovel lifts (oly bar with one 45lb plate for the guys, 25lb bar with 15lb plate for the ladies).

100m farmer walk (100lbs total for the dudes, 70lbs total for the dude’ttes)

Post number of rounds and fractions of rounds to comments.

(This was our first incarnation of ‘Chain Gang’, we have some modifications in mind for the future. Primarily a 800m run at the end as an ‘escape’ and possibly more sledge swings).


Also, don’t forget about our grand opening this Sunday! We would really appreciate it if you would email us (or comment here) if you plan on going and how many you plan on bringing.


(this flyer is for our “Fire Charging” brethren. The action photos are from our very own Stavros when he was fighting the fires down in southern California).


“Hump day” Article:

Study debunks myth that women want sex less than men

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Stavros

    Nice flyer guys!

  • J Jones

    We couldn’t have made it nearly as cool if you didn’t send those pictures. Thanks!

    I completed 7 rounds plus an extra set of swings. Grip and lower back FRIED. This kind of stuff builds ‘farm boy’ strength for sure.

    Oh and also, our first “Sweat Demon” pictures are on the merchandise part of the site.

  • Ward

    Wish I could show up this weekend, but I arranged a weekend away before the baby comes. Have fun guys, don;t forget to take a step back and enjoy what you’ve built.

  • Darren

    7 rounds + 20 swings and farmer walk. 13 lb sledge (biggest we had at station). Grips done at end. Virtual shovels hardest.

  • Craig

    f-ng cool!! Man I can’t wait to take a few swings on the tire.

  • jeff

    Jeff from BTB CrossFit in Atlanta- I’m the one who put together the insurance program for CrossFit that you guys just purchased. I was notified that you guys jumped on board, so I checked out your website. This workout looks way cool and I am going to steal it from you guys in the near future for our classes. Good stuff. While I am at it, I also borrowed your article post about the two twins. We’ve got a guy that runs a marathon training program out of our gym. All Long slow distance training. We constantly give each other shit back and forth. This article fits in perfectly with one of our discussions. Thanks for posting it.

  • J Jones

    Right on Jeff. Feel free to take anything you like. We are glad you found the site helpful.