Kellie showing great form on the deads. Notice her lower back arch at the start! She’s checking her grip and feet, then she’ll look forward and lift.

0730h WOD

3 Rounds For Time:

10 Turkish Get-Ups (35lb db)

5 Man Makers (35lb dbs)

Post time to comments.


From the CF Main site today – the Pose running experts at CrossFit Newport Beach posted this cool drill to help teach the foot pull method.

Video: Eliminating the terrible pounding of heel to toe running.


1st warning that someone may need full-time nursing assistance: they can’t get up on their own (i.e, they can’t squat). Best remedy: build muscle! CrossFit works best, I believe, because the movements are functional. Everyone must squat.

Article: Tips to build your muscle mass at any age.

Thanks, Mike, for the article.

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  • Craig

    Great little wod this morning, Matt! Thanks for rallying. You nailed the TGU’s as soon as you started ’em.

    Craig 13:20
    Matt 14:40

    And, man-makers suck!!

  • Stavros

    11:37 as RX’d

    Ouch, first time doing “man-eaters”…they make burpees look easy!

  • Darren

    10:21 as RX’d

    The overhead lunges on the Man Eaters are what nightmares are made of!!