071127 TUESDAY


Mike E. (age 59) does a pull up with 71 lbs. Something tells me that Rob was impressed. -jj

08:00 WOD with Luca

Leftover Helen, since we did it on Thanksgiving, and both Ryan and Lorenzo weren’t there

I dished a second serving. We also worked on cleans technique and some abs. I made sure that they were nicely warmed up and stretched, it’s getting colder and you want those muscles nice and ready, so take some time before and after to stretch.

Anyway see you on Thursday


1800 & 1900 Play Together

As the 1800 hour class ran over time, we all joined up as one big happy DCF family and ran through this lil relay together. Some of these newbies – especially Ed – are going to kick some serious ass!

Three teams of 4 and 3 rounds

Row 400 M

Push Ups

Push Press @ 45 lbs

Pull Ups

Some folks counted reps, but we based the race on whoever finished the full boat first. Great work by all!

Ed nailed a muscle up (before Craig – hehe)

Jorgy mentioned some 40 club, based on 40 straight pull ups – I joined that tonight (he didn’t, hehe)

I think Matt B. was slowed by his fresh new facial hair.


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  • Darren

    From Crossfit Santa cruz:

    6 Rounds

    1 min of clean & push jerk 50 kg
    1 min of burpees
    1 min rest

    1: 7/16
    2: 7/15
    3: 7/15
    4: 7/15
    5: 7/15
    6: 7/15

    Full squat clean and jerks, Very hard, good work out.

  • Mike Erickson

    I don’t think I got my chin over the bar. Damn. Thanks for the pic JJ. I’m 59, the same age a John Wopat who posts on the main site. He has a weighted pull-up of a 100 lbs.
    My step-son Aaron just turned 31 on the 21st. When he heals up from his broken collarbone I think he’ll be coming down to the shed for some workouts.

  • Rob

    Rob was impressed! Mike’s my man!!!

    324 rep count for me tonight. My team finished third (AKA, dead F’ing Last)

    But we were handicapped as none of us – other than Nate – seemed to know how to reset the damn rower for the first round. (excuses, excuses)

  • J Jones


    You did get your chin over the bar, I was just slow on the camera. . . and don’t worry, we’ll get you to over 100 in no time (just have to add some extra practice).


  • Craig

    I like that wod, Darren… Friday, me thinks.