071128 WEDNESDAY “BarTendaz” and “CrossFit Total”

These guys are from www.bartendaznyc.com and they promote Physical Fitness, Alcohol Awareness & Self Empowerment through exercise and community.


“CrossFit Total”

Working up to a one repetition maximum for each lift:

Back Squat, 1rep

Strict Press, 1rep

Deadlift, 1 rep

Add up the weights for each one repetition maximum for your “CrossFit Total”.

Here is a link to a PDF regarding the CFT and the idea behind the creation of it.

Post your numbers for each exercise and the total to comments.


Hump Day Article:

Too much sugar turns off the genes that control the sex steroids.

“Estimates suggest North Americans consume 33 kg (72.8 lbs!)of refined sugar and an additional 20 kg (44.1 lbs!) of high fructose corn syrup per person per year.”

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • J Jones

    BS: 245 (PR!)
    SP: 135 (Failed on 145 and 140!)
    DL: 385 (PR!)

    Total: 765

    Video. . . Thanks to Brian for finding it. It it cool to see the energy and enthusiasm you see for break dancing applied to gymnastic style stuff on the pull up bar, parallel bars, and doing push ups.


  • Stavros

    BS: 335 (Failed on 385 grr!)

    SP: 165 (Failed on 185, tweaked my back on 175)

    DL: 345

    Total: 845

    I’m sort of happy with this total, as a starting point. I need a 1,000 for Crossfit Total.

  • Craig

    This was fun.. no morning procrastination chit chat from now on for the crew.

    I’ve been avoiding the CFT because I didnt want to know.

    However, I’m pleased with my effort

    Squat 380 (night before..unconfirmed)
    DL 345.. damn it, Stav. We should have got 375.
    Press 165 (also failed 185..toast for 175)
    CFT: 890

    GOAL by the CF Games: 1000+

    Do-able, I think. I’ve got room on my squat and deads and my Press is pathetic. Need to be at 200 there.

  • J Jones

    It seems like the colder it gets, the more we BS before hitting it.

    Time to instate a new practice?

  • Craig

    By the way, jj, I didn’t think I’d lose ground to you in Deads. Great lifts this morning. You have a lot more squat in you …if it was later in the day and warmer. Squats need lots of warm up.

  • Brian

    Thursday Night did the CFT so here we go…
    (PW=Power Ratio, Total divided by bodywieght)
    BS 135 Prs 95 DL 295 CFT 525 PW 2.2

    BS 295 Prs 160 DL 375 CFT 830 PW 4.2

    BS 210 Prs 110 DL 275 CFT 595 PW 3.6

    BS 255 Prs 160 DL 415 CFT 830 PW 3.9

    BS 255 Prs 145 DL 345 CFT 745 PW 3.7

    Lots of PRs all around. This was actually the first time on the movements for a couple of people and a really fun class!

    The Power Ratio is a great tool as you can compare yourself to a much smaller or larger person or to your own records if you gain or lose weight to see where you are.