Sakura nails her overhead squat form after a little help from the Sat Power Class crew.

07:30 WOD

Tabata Something Else..

Complete 32 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest where the first 8 intervals are squats, the second 8 are push-ups, the third 8 intervals are box jumps, and finally, the last 8 intervals are dumbell presses (men 25#, women 10#). Rest 40 seconds between exercises.

Post total reps from all 32 intervals and total of lowest reps per exercise to comments.

12:00 WOD

Shop ’til You Drop…

Run 400 meters then,

Grab any piece of equipment possible: row, dumbells, barbell ect. and do any CROSSFIT exercise you want to do. You may switch exercises in between (for barbell: switch between push press, deadlifts, high pulls, front and back squats, cleans, snatch etc.) but you cannot drop the weight (can only touch ground for a second on deadlift) or rest for more than five seconds. If you do either, drop the weight and do another run, then when you get back pick a different piece of equipement and do the same.

Count total reps and record weight. Row for calories. Cut off is 250 reps per piece of equipment, and no more than 2 pieces of equipment per person per set (2 dumbbells, weight vest+ barbell, no weight vest plus 2 dumbbells).


Article: Fear Is Stronger Than Hope When It Comes To Fitness

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  • sakura

    ok, that’s a scary picture of me. =] kick butt work-out this morning at elite and thanks for the help with the lifting, guys! i’m sure baby kaela enjoyed it as well.


  • rick

    Press 145
    Squat 285
    Dealift 405 pr!
    Total 835

    Gates of Fire
    sit-ups 50
    push-ups 50
    Thrusters 100

    rick- 12:34
    dean- 15:42
    thrusters were done with a bar

  • Nate

    Shop ’til you Drop

    250 reps barbell (45lbs)
    100 cal row
    209 reps kettlebell (1 pood)

    Total – 359

    Shoulda put on the vest for the kettlebell round. Ah well…next time

  • Nate

    Alright, so my total was 559. Sitting outside of my local Starbucks and it’s cold out here…I’m not at the Shed so I can get away with that this time.

  • Mike Erickson

    DCF WU x 2, dips instead of pushups, only 1 400m run.
    Shop ’til you Drop
    5 rounds [5 x 400 meters]:
    50 reps 45 lb barbell (push press and squat)
    50 reps 16 Kg KB (SDHP and swings)
    50 reps 25 lb dumbbell (one hand snatches)
    11 reps pull-ups
    16 reps 20 lb medicine ball (double squat cleans)

    Good one.

  • jorgy

    actually nate your score was 556 206 on kb cause i got 565. 250 with barbell and weight vest, 150 calorie row, 90 45lb kettlebell, and 75 jumprope. i wasn’t quite sure on how to do the pwer out put but what i did come up with was that yours was 10.6 and mine was 11.3 or close to that, not sure if my math was good at all, but those sound like good numbers. haha

  • Nate

    I get your point Josh…either way you put it, I lost.

  • Craig

    Nice DL Rick!! Congrats.

  • Rob

    I did the GATES thing, as RX’d – with ring push ups and GHDs rather than reg push ups and sit ups


  • rick

    sweet, without the rings and ghd this workout was tough, what did you use for thrusters?

  • rick

    sweet, without the rings and ghd this workout was tough, what did you use for thrusters?

  • rick

    sweet, without the rings and ghd this workout was tough, what did you use for thrusters?

  • sakura


    my legs feel FANTASTIC today. at least i can still carry kaela up and down the stairs…kinda.