071202 SUNDAY


Sunday At High Noon


50 pull-ups

400 meter run

21 thrusters 95#

800 meter run

21 thrusters 95#

400 meter run

50 pull ups



Box Jumps

Kettlebell Swings


Post Time And Weight To Comments.


Article: Sumo Deadlift High Pull

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  • jorgy

    Jorgy- 19:54
    Chris- 24:33

    Box Jumps
    Ketllebell Swings

    Nate- 8:03
    Rick- 9:38 30″box+1.5 pood kb
    Moises- 10:03

  • Nate

    1.25 pood KB; little box

    Woulda liked to have taken a run at Daniel but the shoulder wasn’t feeling right this morning and didn’t want to push it with that many pullups and thrusters.

  • Craig

    Good first post, Jorgy. For links, type a nice short name, then asign a web addy.

    Haven’t seen Daniel in a while. Good one.

    How’d your newbie Moises do?

  • Rob

    I tackled the CFHQ WOD:

    5 min of double unders
    5 min of Clean and Jerk (yes, with squat) – 95 lbs
    3 min of double unders
    3 min of Clean and Jerk
    1 min “”
    1 min “”

    Total rep count was – ironically – 187. And it felt like murder.

  • Mike Erickson


    Sorry I missed Sunday. I did some presses Sat night and Sunday my right elbow was killing me. I thought you were doing cleans on Sun so I did something at home. I ran three miles in 31.5 min. Tried out the pose running from the HQ video. Feels a little strange, I’m probably not doing it right.
    I have those ropes in my car. Remind me and you can have whatever you can use.