071204 TUESDAY


Brian attempts a 42 inch box jump.


Tuesday Evening 1900

5 x 5 front squat

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Tuesday Morning 08:00 Wod with Luca

Today’s WOD was a MURDER!!!:

21-18-15-12-9 reps for time of:


Hang Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Jerk

The rules are: you can chose your weight , you can rest in between sets

but you cannot drop the bar during sets, if you do you start from the top of the set.

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Low Carb Diet Reduces Inflammation and Blood Saturated Fat

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CrossFit Allstar and otherwise heroic Fem Fatal Eva T has come out with her own calendar.


With Eva being a bona fide CrossFit hottie as well as a performance idol to many aspiring women, I expect this calendar to fly from the shelves and be in CF gyms small and large across the globe.

You can order it here at the Aasgaard Company Website (a GREAT source for materials such as Coach Rippetoe’s books as well as much much more).

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  • Luca Z.

    I had
    Lorenzo 55lb 12:55
    Eric 75lb 11:55
    Ryan 75lb 12:40
    And my buddy Juan with the newbie WOD at 3:36
    Great form Eric who’s training you? eheheh

  • J Jones

    Nice murder comment buddy. . . real classy.


  • jorgy

    i smell an investment for the shed. we need a calendar for the shed so we can know what day it is. someone should buy that and bring it in, that way we can show our support for the lovely eva t. and know what the date is.

  • Craig

    Great wod name, Luca. Very funny. It looked like you were killing them today.

  • jorgy

    rick stuck a 46 inch box jump last night, 4 plates and a 35 on top of the big box. it was awesome.

  • J Jones

    46″ is STOUT! What did Jon and I do at the open house? Wasn’t it only 46 as well?


  • Luca Z.

    Craig, all in a good day of work, they don’t all them killer work-outs for nothing

  • Brian

    Hurt, hurt I am! I can nail 42″ cold. Why do we need a shot of me failing at 46″ (I know, my left knee got a nice little bone bruise on that fall.) I know why, jealousy! It’s an ugly thing when your friends turn on you.

  • Rob

    215 (2 reps, then stopped)

  • J Jones

    We could just change the caption to:

    “Brian attempts to crush our 30″ box with his weight combined with 140lbs of bumpers.”

    Then only those that were there would know.